"In 1954, a CIA-run military coup ended a 10-year democratic interlude in Guatamala --- " the years of spring," as they are known there --- and restored a savage elite to power. In the 1990's, international organizations conducting inquiries into the fighting reported that since 1954 some 200,000 people had been killed in Guatamala, 80 percent of whom were indigenous... The atrocities were carried out with vigorous U.S. support and participation. Among the standard Cold War pretexts was that Guatamala was a Russion 'beachhead' in Latin America. The real reasons, amply documented, were also standard: concern for the interests of U.S. investors and fear that a democratic experiment empowering the harshly repressed peasant majority "might bve a virus" that would "spread contagion", in Henry Kissinger's thoughtful phrase, referring to Salvador Allende's democratic socialist Chile. Reagan's murderous assault on Central America was not limited to Guatamala, of course. In most of the region the agencies of terror were government security forces that had been armed and trained by Washington." Noam Chomsky: Because We Say So. pg 111
So if this uprising spreads, if it becomes an even broader, deeper movement, and you move from the question of corruption to the question of justice for mass murder, that can only be resolved by implicating not just Pérez Molina personally, but also the Guatemalan army as a whole institution, also the U.S. government, which has armed, trained and financed that army, backed that program of slaughter, which the American CIA had Pérez Molina on the payroll when he was head of G-2, the intelligence unit. And it also can’t be resolved without implicating CACIF, the association of the oligarchy, which backed the army during the slaughter and which, individually, ran its own death squads. The oligarchs, the young men, would go through what was kind of a ritual of bloodying their own hands, and if there was a union-organizing drive at their fathers’ factory, some of the boys would get together, and they’d go out and kill the unionists. And those young men who did that in the '80s are now in their fifties and sixties, and they're the leaders of the Guatemalan oligarchy. So the last thing they want to see is a true investigation and bringing to justice of perpetrators. That’s the last thing Washington wants to see." Allan Nairn: Democracy Now (8/27/2015)

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From Jesuits by Dilbert
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* CIA coup of 1954 "A Coup: Made in America" Part 2: "The United Fruit Company" "The Duck Test and the Catholic Church" "Extortion, Blackmail and Revelation" "The Final Plea" "The 1954 coup of President Arbenz"

"Anyhow, one part has E. Howard Hunt drooling over this wonderful coup, and he says that the JESUITS were great help. I think he says that the Archbishop in NYC or Italy contacted the Jesuit top guy in Guatemala, and they provided both Intelligence and Propaganda against the government of Jacobo Arbenz --- who was only trying to get the dirt farmers a little more bling -- or food."


Alan Nairrn


Che Guevara


Bitter Fruit: The Story of the American Coup in Guatamala: Stephen Schlesinger & Stephen Kinzer

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