10 of the worst cable news Moments of 2015 (12/24/2015)

The End of TV

Sen. John McCain has introduced the Television Consumer Freedom Act, a bill that would allow us to pay for cable channels individually, giving us more control over what we choose to buy and watch.

Forced bundling is a symptom of our dysfunctional, competition-free cable system in which content providers (ESPN, Fox News, HBO) collude with cable companies (Comcast, Time Warner Cable) to push us into paying for hundreds of channels we don't want — and to keep our cable and broadband bills climbing higher and higher.

Although Sen. McCain's bill doesn't outlaw bundling, it would provide incentives for cable companies to "unbundle" their cable packages — and offer an "a la carte" option in which consumers would pay only for the channels they want.

Tell Your Senators to Support the Television Consumer Freedom Act.

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Here's what FreePress has to say about Comcast:

Right now in the halls of Congress, Comcast lobbyists are schmoozing with lawmakers and arguing for the company’s takeover of NBC.... no. It's Time Warner now.

But this merger doesn't add up: One of the worst companies in the country, plus one of the world's biggest producers of TV shows and motion pictures, equals higher prices and fewer choices for people like you.

  • Obscene profits. Comcast is already raking it in. The company made $3 billion in profits in 2009.
  • Overpaid CEO. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is one of America's most overpaid CEOs, taking home more than $40 million in compensation last year.
  • Bad behavior. Comcast has a long history of blocking union organizing, blocking Web traffic, and even blocking the public from hearings held to investigate its own Internet blocking.
  • Tons of lobbying. In the first nine months of 2009, Comcast spent a whopping $13.4 million on 98 lobbyists in Washington.

We've been up and down Capitol Hill, warning Congress that if they don't stop this deal, they'll be handing over more of our media to one big, bad company.

But Comcast's huge army of lobbyists is swarming the Beltway, and we're way outnumbered. That's where you come in.

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