'Fix CNBC' Campaign Goes To Wall Street, Network Headquarters (VIDEO) (5/25/2011)

Today (10/1/2013) the US government has been shut down. CNBC's Rick Santelli, sometimes credited as the originator of the Tea Party, should take some credit for that. See these notes on the Tea Party.

It appears that FixCNBC has been taken over because when I click on it, I now get a blank screen.

Huffington Post just broke the news: "CNBC's Santelli: AIG bonuses no big deal."

Rick Santelli explained, "Now, think about it this way. Maybe I'm missing something. But the outrage seems to be about M's, millions of dollars, right? $165 million, OK?...$165 million is like worrying about 16.5's an order of magnitude."

Why does Santelli still have a job at CNBC? Could CNBC's reporters be more out of touch?

This is exactly why over 12,000 people have signed the Open Letter to CNBC since yesterday. We're demanding that CNBC stop shilling for Wall Street and instead hold Wall Street accountable.

Can you help us reach 15,000 signers by sending this email to friends and family? They can sign the letter at (You can also spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, or Reddit. It's easy to do at

We're busy making plans to deliver the letter to CNBC -- the more signers we have, the more impact it'll have.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.
--Adam, Aaron, Stephanie, Mudcat, Michael, and the PCCC team

12,223 Signatures!P.S. These news clips are also worth sending along to others!

Jon Stewart vs Kramer (video) About CNBC. See

Pretty nice momentum for, huh?

The Huffington Post: CNBC's Santelli: AIG Bonuses No Big Deal

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