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"The financial crisis and Great Recession that followed it led to 5 million Americans losing their homes to foreclosure and millions more losing trillions of dollars in wealth. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau exists to prevent families from surrendering hard-earned dollars to deceptive or unsavory business practices. Instead of standing up for well-funded special interests, Congress should instead ensure that a strong and independent CFPB will continue to keep watch over a financial system that can truly work for everyone." Why We Need A Strong CFPB

U.S. consumer protection official puts Equifax probe on ice (2/5/2018)

Mulvaney requests no funding for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (1/18/2018)

GOP preparing plan to gut Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, roll back Wall Street regulations (2/9/2017)

Trump Is Trying to Preserve Financial Advisers’ Right to Rip Off Clients Saving for Retirement (2/3/2017)

Will Guys With Guns Replace the Agency Elizabeth Warren Created? (11/26/2016)

10 Things Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Protection Agency Has Done For You (3/14/2014)

Why Republican CFPB Arguments are wrong (2/9/2013)

Friends of Fraud: Paul Krugman (2/4/2013)

Even Republicans Can't Stand Tort Reform (1/17/2013)

GOP Blocks Cordray, Limits CFPB (7/19/2011)

About Tort Reform: See this move..."Hot Coffee" 

Soft Drinks and Watching Flea Markets for Terrorists.

Although the FDA has been dysfunctional, your right to sue is limited. It's another win for Corporations in the Republican war against people.

Privacy Issues

protect the privacy of my financial information (

What's the price of loyalty cards ?

Nolo law resource for the non-lawyer.

Free the Iphone

Electronic Privacy Information Center


Computer hardware has been increasingly defective by design: or Web Site Watch Dog:

The recording industry is anxious to impose DRM (Digital Rights Management) on a number of products. Record companies have put 'root kits' on consumers computers to enforce copy protection on audio products they sell...and also opening security holes for computers involved. Newer mass information storage devices may never be fully functional for consumers as a result of industry paranoia. has details.

Please support the Defective By Design in its efforts to control DRM, to keep software free, to limit software patents, and to open hardware so that it cannot be used for rigged voting machines or for consumer surveillance. Companies like Diebold should be producing products that are completely transparent. Microsoft, since it has just bought a Linux company (SUSE), will be aiming to enforce its patents on the Linux community.

Joe Stiglitz discusses trade protected intellectual property rights (TRIPs) in his book: Making Globalization Work. Clearly, there are serious consumer issues involved, mostly ignored in the mainstream media.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Coalition for a Safe & Healthy Connecticut and its national allies have released the results of testing 1,200 of the most popular children's toys for toxic chemicals. You can see the results on its website: It was developed to better inform consumers about toy purchases, and to encourage parents to urge the government to take action. Check out two other websites on toxic toys:


People Over Profits

Electric Customers - track RFID tags and their wearers worldwide


Connecticut Actions

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reduce the cost and improve the quality of telecommunications services ( ;

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