Seven Years after the Earthquake: Haiti in an unprecedented humanitarian, food, and climate crisis (1/12/2017)

Haiti Didn't Become a Poor Nation All on Its Own -- The U.S's Hidden Role in the Disaster  

Haiti Didn't Become a Poor Nation All on Its Own -- The U.S's Hidden Role in the Disaster

Haiti's many years of underdevelopment and U.S.-sponsored political turmoil made the Haitian government ill-prepared to respond to such a disaster. more »

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Haiti’s Nightmare: The Cocaine Coup and the CIA Connection (3/1/2013)

... on February 29, 2004, AP widely reported that Haitian rebels ousted President Aristide and that the United States provided an escort to take him out of the country to a safe asylum. Within 24 hours an entirely different story emerged through independent radio. Instead of the US being the supportive facilitator of Aristide’s safety, Pacifica Radio News reported that Aristide was actually kidnapped by US forces. AP quickly changed their story. On March 1, 2004, an AP report by Deb Riechman said, “White House officials said Aristide left willingly and that the United States aided his safe departure. But in a telephone interview with the Associated Press, Aristide said: “No. I was forced to leave.”  

The last AP report of Aristide’s claiming that he had been kidnapped by the US in a State Department coup was on June 27, 2004. Since then there have been more than sixty news articles by AP including Aristide’s name. Of these stories none mentioned Aristide’s claim that he was kidnapped by the United States military. None mention the US backing of the coup. AP’s bias in favor of the State Department’s version of the Aristide’s removal seems to be a deliberate case of AP-sanctioned forgetting. AP is a massive institutionalized bureaucracy that feeds news stories to nearly every newspaper and radio/TV station in the United States. They are so large that top-down control of single news stories is practically impossible. However, research clearly indicates a built-in bias favoring official US government positions.[19]

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