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America's War on Tourists

Massive Surveillance Net Keeps Track of Americans' Travel -- Even the Size of Hotel Beds

Massive Surveillance Net Keeps Track of Americans' Travel -- Even the Size of Hotel Beds

The Bush Administration has been collecting detailed records on the travel habits of Americans headed overseas and the luggage they bring wit them, whether they fly, drive or take cruises abroad. Read more »



America's War on Tourists.

The Knife (Richard Stallman)


American heroes stand up to the TSA (Video 11/2010)


Traveling Anytime Soon? Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye

If you’re traveling outside the United States anytime soon, you can kiss your right to privacy, and perhaps your laptop, digital camera and cell phone, goodbye.

With no suspicion and no explanation, the U.S. government can seize your laptop, cell phone, or PDA as you enter the United States and download all your private information -- including your personal and business documents, emails, phone calls, and web history. The Department of Homeland Security confirms that this is the official policy.

Seizing laptops and cameras at the border isn’t the only travel security measure that infringes on our civil liberties. Earlier this summer, the U.S. government's "terrorist watch list" surpassed one million names and is growing by over twenty-thousand names per month. Your name might be on the list, but there's no way to know for sure until you are delayed or detained for hours in a back room.

It’s hard to know what surveillance-state bureaucrats will come up with next. For instance, many airports are using scanners that are so invasive that they are like a virtual strip search. And recently, the TSA expressed interest in having every traveler wear an "electro-muscular disruption" bracelet that airline personnel or marshals could use to shock passengers into submission. Unless something is done, this plan may not be as far-fetched as one would think.

Traveling shouldn’t mean checking your rights when you’re checking your luggage. It’s time for some sanity when it comes to security. Please, speak out now.

>> Tell Congress:
It’s time to rein in travel abuses by the Department of Homeland Security.

U.S. Citizens Beware! Big Brother is Watching (Where You Travel)

Tracking every traveler (2/23/2008)

Government wants detailed information on all travelers.

Can you travel to Cuba ? Here's a few things you should know.

'Homeland Security' will remove your nipple rings at the airport.

ID needed to enter certain 'high-crime' areas in D.C. 04 Jun 2008 Starting this weekend, police in the District will begin shutting down 'high-crime' neighborhoods and requiring drivers to present identification before they are allowed to pass through checkpoints. The new initiative, called "Neighborhood Safety Zones," [!] allows D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier to designate areas where there have been an 'outbreak of violence.' Once an area is designated, signs and checkpoints will go up and neighbors will be notified. Any car trying to enter the designated neighborhood will be stopped, and drivers and passengers will have to produce identification. They will also have to give an explanation as to why they are there. [Remember Bush's 'First Amendment Zones?' Now there's 'Neighborhood Safety Zones.' It's time for 'Second American Revolution Zones.' --LRP]

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