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Tolls should be on the Ballot

Governor O'Neil deserved a lot of credit when, after some horrific accidents at toll booths, he removed tolls from Connecticut highways.

But times change, we now have a Republican Governor and the Transportation Strategy Board (TSB) has vacancies. Chairman of the TSB has a company which specializes in outsourcing. Southeast Connecticut did not have any representation on the TSB when ,in its wisdom, it recommended that the solution for funding Connecticut highways is, guess what, highway tolls.

Never mind that we are fighting a war for oil and that our military in other parts of the world acts as a security force for the oil companies, never mind experts that tell us we are now at or near peak oil production, never mind that burning oil is a major contributor to environmental damage and global warming. The TSB recommendation is an enabler of higher volume highways, increased gasoline usage, more pollution, more wait time at toll booths, and technology notwithstanding, more unsafe highways.

They have a way with language though: (From the Day) 'Floyd Lapp, executive director of the South Western Regional Planning Agency, suggested that for political reasons the board avoid using the word “tolls” at all, sticking instead to “congestion pricing.” '  Anyone who has taken a long drive will not be fooled. There will be lines at toll booths and there will be those jumping lanes to try to get to the correct lane for their payment type, and there will be mishaps at toll booths. Express lanes are of dubious value.

If autos and trucks could be loaded onto the train, maybe traffic could be reduced, a long-term I95 expansion forgone, and the system made more efficient. The auto train is very popular between Virginia and Florida, why not expand it to include the Northeast corridor.   

It appears that by recommending tolls, that consideration of alternative highway funding methods will be ruled out. Casual observation suggests that since gasoline prices have increased, I95 has not had gridlock. Increased gasoline prices tend to reduce highway usage, decrease fuel consumption, lessen pollutants, encourage more efficient vehicles, and lessen dependence on foreign oil...all worthy goals. Increased gasoline taxes could be a better highway funding approach.

On the other hand, restoring highway tolls in Connecticut could enable what other Republican states have done. That is, privatize them and sell them for a huge one-time windfall.

As a minimum, detailed analysis should be made public, and choices should be on the ballot.

I have changed my mind about highway tolls since getting EZPASS. No fumbling for coins, no need to even slow down much, and no need to congest highways, so I don't mind tolls any more.


The End Of Suburbia:  Watch Free Documentary On-Line.


Move: Putting America's Infrastructure Back in the Lead: Rosabeth Moss Kanter




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WindCheck Magazine for boaters in the Northeast.

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