It’s not new for Washington to support dictatorships and authoritarian governments and leaders in Latin America, so long as they serve US interests and are subordinate to US agenda. Through USAID and NED, the US government has invested millions of dollars in Henry Ramos Allup’s party and his opposition coalition. Never mind if he’s a "delusional", "repellent" and "crude" dictator, because he’s Washington delusional, repellent and crude dictator. The secret document published by Wikileaks can be found here. (published by teleSUR 1/7/2016)

The World Reacts to Trump’s Military Threat Against Venezuela (8/12/2017)

CARICOM Deals a Blow to US Plans for Regime Change in Venezuela (6/24/2017)

US Sponsored “Regime Change” in Venezuela is Now Official. (5/10/2017)

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Venezuela's Continuous Coup (3/2/2015)

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CIA and FBI had planned to assasinate Hugo Chavez (3/6/2013)


–“Venezuela’s Continuous Coup,” by Alfredo Lopez (This Can’t Be Happening!, 3/2/15)


El Universal (Caracas)

Today Venezuela


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