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“We ran the model forward to the year 2040, along a business-as-usual trajectory based on ‘do-nothing’ trends — that is, without any feedback loops that would change the underlying trend. The results show that based on plausible climate trends, and a total failure to change course, the global food supply system would face catastrophic losses, and an unprecedented epidemic of food riots. In this scenario, global society essentially collapses as food production falls permanently short of consumption.” UK Government-backed Scientific Model Flags Risk of Civilisation’s Collapse by 2040
In the past fifty years we've doubled our irrigated cropland and tripled our water consumption to meet global food demand. In the next fifty, we must double food production again. Is there really enough water to pull that off ? In his book When the Rivers Run Dry environmental journalist Fred Pearce describes in vivid, firsthand detail the stark reality of impending water crises in more than thirty countries around the globe. We now withdraw so much water that many of our mightiest and most historic rivers - like the Nile, the Colorado, the Yellow, the Indus - have barely a trickle left to meet the sea. (From the World in 2050: Laurence C Smith

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World

After steadily declining for over a decade, global hunger appears to be on the rise once more, with multiple forms of malnutrition threatening the health of millions. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World warns that the greater number of conflicts, whose impacts are often exacerbated by climate-related shocks, is one of the main drivers behind this shift. This is threatening to derail the international commitment to end hunger and all forms of malnutrition by 2030. The report also examines the ways in which food insecurity can trigger conflicts, and provides valuable insights into how food security can help prevent the outbreak of unrest and violence. Thanks to the collaboration of five UN agencies, with WHO and UNICEF joining IFAD and WFP as partners under FAO's lead, this report is a first step towards a comprehensive global analysis of the links between food security and nutrition.

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there are three major food problems that must be addressed in the coming century: malnutrition and hunger, obesity and over nutrition and the environmental consequences that arise from modern agriculture. Kelly D Brownell
"Summary of the Summary: We are five years into a severe global food crisis that is very unlikely to go away. It will threaten poor countries with increased malnutrition and starvation and even collapse. Resource squabbles and waves of food-induced migration will threaten global stability and global growth. This threat is badly underestimated by almost everybody and all institutions with the possible exception of some military establishments." Jeremy Grantham

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The recent conflict over what America eats is an example of how in Bush's America corporate interests trump public health. (8/11/2005)

Click on this map showing rates of food insecurity. See if you can guess which States are Republican.

Adult obesity by State: Again, see which States are Republican. (9/21/2015)

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The 6 Weirdest, Scariest Processed Foods  

The 6 Weirdest, Scariest Processed Foods

Once upon a time, some brave scientists had a noble dream of ridding food of nutrients. That dream is closer to reality than ever. more »

Bad News For Soda Drinkers: BPA found in cans.

Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods

Fish species you should avoid eating.

About Transfat

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The Food Crisis

The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race: Jared Diamond (1987)

Breadline USA: Why People Are Going Hungry in the Land of Plenty By Sasha Abramsky, PoliPoint Press. Posted July 4, 2009.

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Five Things you need to know about food safety

1. Only 1% of imported food is inspected. Because the federal government refuses to implement a country-of-origin labeling program for meat and produce, consumers don’t have the facts they need to avoid low-quality food from overseas.

2. Despite new research that shows that artificial hormones may contribute to a five-fold increase in twin pregnancies for American women, the federal government still allows them in dairy products. They are banned in Canada and Europe.

3. Instead of forcing meat producers to fix serious sanitation problems at factory farms and slaughterhouses, the federal government allows them to take dangerous shortcuts like pumping livestock full of antibiotics, dipping carcasses in toxic disinfectants, and irradiating meat.

4. Although mad cow disease presents a lethal threat to public health, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has blocked meatpackers from implementing their own mad cow testing programs.

5. The Bush Administration and its allies in Congress want to weaken the Safe Water Drinking Act, which may lead to more cancer and disease-causing contaminants in the tap water of millions of Americans.

From Food & Water Watch!

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Beware Food Imports From China1 in 9 of us still goes hungry

Milk products manufactured in China and tainted with melamine, an industrial chemical, killed and injured thousands of children this year.

If you live in the US, you need to know that your government is not protecting you from these products. 

The original story posted yesterday is here:

My additional research is posted here:  


The New York Times | Politics and Hunger
The New York Times writes, "One might expect that food riots in Egypt and Haiti would convince the world's wealthy nations of the need to do more to feed the world's poorest. If not, maybe the threat of 100 million more people falling into poverty due to soaring food prices would spur them to help. Yet at last week's United Nations food summit, the world's more-developed nations proved, once again, that domestic politics trumps both humanitarian concerns and sound strategic calculations."

Eating the Earth

Two Americas of Food: about the Farm Bill

Food and Water Watch

Safe Tables Our Priority

Check this link about the FDA.

Center for Science in the Public Interestsays

"Unsafe foods cause an estimated 76 million illnesses and 5,000 deaths each year in the United States. Although people from all walks of life can develop food borne illness, those who are most at risk include the elderly, young children, pregnant women and their fetuses, and the immunocompromised. While most illnesses occur as isolated cases, outbreaks of foodborne illness are clusters of illness that result from ingestion of a common contaminated food. A single outbreak can affect hundreds, or even thousands, of people. From Outbreak Alert.

Bad Sushi

Pollution (video)

Study of GM foods indicates danger.

"If genetically modified foods can't be excluded from Europe, those who object to them want full disclosure of the genetically modified content of these foods - labeling, so that consumers can choose what they want to buy. But the United States - normally a believer in free trade and consumer choice -has in this case taken the position that full disclosure would be a trade barrier. A large proportion of America's agricultural exports contains a genetically modified ingredient; America correctly worries that, given the level of concern about genetically modified foods, European consumers would stop buying many American-produced foods. The United States is putting its right to export above European consumers' right to know what they are eating." Joseph Stiglitz, Making Globalization Work, pg 129

Hidden, Deadly Viral Gene Found In GMO Crops (2/7/2013)

GM Free

Genetically Manipulated Crops: The GMO Catastrophe in the USA. A Lesson for the World (8/18/2010)

About Rice

Prince Charles: GM crops causing disaster

The Future of Food (video 89 minutes) Watch it on-line.

Join the campaign for GMO labelling.

Seeds of Destruction, The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation by F. William Engdahl

Against the grain: 'Economics, not common sense, drives GM crops'

Monsanto's Harvest of Fear Vanity Fair 5/2008
Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele write for Vanity Fair, "Monsanto already dominates America's food chain with its genetically modified seeds. Now it has targeted milk production. Just as frightening as the corporation's tactics - ruthless legal battles against small farmers - is its decades-long history of toxic contamination."

Dr Michael Antoniou argues that genetically modified crops are dangerous and unnecessary
Interview by Nick Jackson The Independent, 27 September 2007 _

Europe requires labeling of Genetically Modified foods. The US does not.   

Genetic Engineering

About GMOs

Regulators ties to industry.

References from: Monsanto: Visionary or Architect of Bioserfdom? A Global Socio-Economic Examination of Genetically Modified Organisms - Andrew Hund 10dec99

Frankenwine? Wines made with GMO yeast hit the market this year 20 Dec 2006 The United States' first wines made using a genetically modified wine yeast will be released this year, but critics say the GM yeast has not been properly safety tested and could contaminate non-GM wine crops.


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New London Day's Local Farm Map



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THE COMING FAMINE, The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do to Avoid It: By Julian Cribb

American Way of Eating: Tracie McMillan

The End of Plenty: The Race to Feed A Crowded World, Joel K.Bourne, 2015.

Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us: Michael Moss (2/2013)

The Coming Famine: Julian Cribb

Seeds of Destruction: F. William Engdahl

Natural Causes: Dan Hurley

Seeds of Deception: Jeffrey Smith

Diet For A Poisoned Planet: David Steinman

Safe Shopper's Bible: David Steinman and Samuel S. Epstein, M.D

The End of Food Paul Roberts

Future of Food (Film).