Weather Channel Founder is a Climate Change Denier
"...during the three weeks period before the election when three of the four major conservative commentators - Charles Krauthhammer, Jonah Goldberg and George Will - raised their voices in unison objecting to the scientific findings concerning global warming. They, of course, are all on the payroll of the Rupert Murdoch-owned Fox News, and perhaps it was simply a coincidence that it came shortly after a similar push by the Murdoch papers in England." Tom Anderson, Hartford Courant 1/2/2015

The Weather Channel used to have an environmental reporting team, including a weekly show called 'Forecast Earth' that focused on climate change - but they were all laid off as one of NBC's first cost-cutting moves after purchasing the channel. (Washington Post, 11/21/08)
So, guess what: NBC just bought the Weather Underground. Hmmm. (7/4/2012)

CBS's Anti-Science Weather Expert 'Severe weather consultant' David Bernard is climate-change denier.
"Many major media outlets are controlled by companies that have a vested interest in keeping environmental disasters under wraps: NBC is owned by General Electric, the world's biggest polluter, with a world record 86 Superfund sites. Until three years ago, CBS was owned by Westinghouse, which has 39 Superfund sites. Westinghouse is also the world's largest owner of nuclear power plants and the third-largest manufacturer of nuclear weapons." Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Crimes Against Nature pg 179 (2004)

WEATHER SERVICE EMPLOYEES TETHERED BY ILLEGAL GAG ORDERS, Special Counsel Asked to Reverse Recent Raft of Blanket Nondisclosure Policies (10/8/2015)

Network TV Continues Giving Climate Change Cold Shoulder (3/6/2015)

We Fact Checked Aaron Sorkin’s Climate Science on “The Newsroom” (12/1/2014)

This is How Little Time Television News Devotes to Climate Change (1/16/2014)

Climate Coverage Plummets on Broadcast Networks (4/16/2012) 

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