Trump Is Trying to Preserve Financial Advisers’ Right to Rip Off Clients Saving for Retirement (2/3/2017)

Preventing Aging Unequally

For a long time employer pensions have been disappearing, shifting the burden of retirement on to workers. Many have no retirement savings at all.

Ignoring public opinion, Republicans would remove millions from health insurance so they could save money for what they really want: tax cuts for the wealthy. History shows tax cuts do not pay for themselves. Having failed to cut health care, gifts to the top 1% must be paid directly from deficit spending. When Republicans are in office, as Dick Cheney said: “ deficits don’t matter”.

Among Republican tax ‘reform’ goodies, elimination of the inheritance tax alone would benefit, in billions, Trump $4, Koch $38.6, Waltons $51.6, Adelson 12.2 … and also increase income inequality, create a new aristocracy, and further attack democracy.

Planning for retirement, your hard-earned nest egg must last for the rest of your life, but your financial professional doesn’t have to work on your behalf because the Republican Congress eliminated the fiduciary rule. They may also severely limit the amount you can save in your 401k.

This brings up the question: Does the Congress work on behalf of the people ? Serious academic studies found that it does not: Gilens and Page of Princeton, Lawrence Lessig’s book “Republic Lost” and others* conclude that Congress responds to funders, not people.

Although they found $700 billion to kill people, it appears Republicans are pushing for serious debt to benefit an elite. What kind of country does that ?


" Just look at this statistic: the 100 largest CEO retirement funds are worth a combined $4.9 billion. That’s equal to the entire retirement account savings of 41 percent of American families!" A Tale of Two Retirements (pdf)

"You live in a world today in which there is this perverse system -- the more corporations pay their CEOs the lower their tax bill is." Senator Chris Murphy

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