Regulatory Agencies

Conflicted Regulatory Agencies

Rebirth of Regulation

There should be no doubt that regulation is necessary for orderly markets.

Deregulation, as practiced by the Bush administration,  was extremely damaging to the public interest. Supervision was by people who didn't believe in regulation, and actually opposed it. Agencies were captives of the industries that they were suppose to police.


The Bush Administration pushed for further consolidation of media ownership in spite of public outcry. The FCC destroyed reports showing that further concentration is a very bad idea. The FCC has never seen consolidation that it didn't like. Media control is a prerequisite for regime change.

In spite of a massive public outcry, it appears that the Republican FCC will do away with net neutrality.


The Bush Administration was a poor environmental steward. See R.F.Kennedy's book Crimes Against Nature. Scientists have been stifled because of Republican ideology, often that of religious zealots.


The Bush National Labor Relations Board was shrinking workers rights to organize unions, and other worker rights to benefit Republican plutocrats.


The FDA did little to assure the safety of factory food supplies, nor was it diligent about oversight of drug companies.


The Consumer Product Safety Commission did no oversight of dangerous products imported from China and other countries. The result is widespread distrust of products.


Corporations are not democratic. The SEC did little to curb corruption in the financial sector, nor did it see the flagrant abuse by corporate entities. Hence, the financial crisis.


The Federal Election Commission has been paralysed by Republicans, whose main strategy is voter suppression.