Yellen and Draghi oppose Trump's Financial Deregulation (8/27/2017)

...every major watchdog institution in the capital city is controlled by corporations and their lobbyists, even though the Constitution and other founding documents do not mention the word "corporation." Lobbyists, "who are not here just to look at the Washington Monument," now outnumber consumer advocates by more than 100 to one, he said: Ralph Nader quoted in Presidential Puppetry by Andrew Kreig
AMY GOODMAN: Talk overall, David Cay Johnston, about the issue of deregulation. The whole issue of regulation is one that the Republican presidential candidate raises continually about, you know, unfettered business, free enterprise, capitalism being allowed to work in this country.

DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: There is no such thing as deregulation. This is a really important issue about how the news media have not covered this well. There is only new regulation. And what we’ve done is taken rules, some of which date back thousands of years—and I teach the law of the ancient world at Syracuse University’s law school and graduate business school. We’re stripping these rules away, and we are putting in rules that say you don’t have to have any regard for your neighbor or your employees or your customers; you can do whatever will maximize your profit; it doesn’t matter that you’re putting people’s lives in danger, that you’re not supplying the services you promise, that you’re driving up prices artificially. And nobody has written about these laws. I mean, I had to spend four years reading through the most unbelievably boring material, but it was astonishing how these laws were passed with, in many cases, little or no public hearing, no journalists in the room. Sometimes even the trade press of the various industries I write about didn’t even write about these things. (from Democracy Now! )

Phosporous and deregulation: Paul Krugman (8/10/2014)

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Texas fertilizer company didn't heed disclosure rules before blast (4/20/2013)

Deregulation brings poor consumer protection, weak anti-trust law, lax pollution controls, weakened financial oversight, and reduced accountability.

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