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Giffords, 40,... after being shot through the head..., criticised Sarah Palin last year for putting her and 19 other Democrats on a hitlist of districts, each shown as being in crosshairs. Guardian (1/9/2011)

Income inequality has a natural tendency to increase, but, as Per Molander as pointed out, it can be kept in some control as the Scandinavian countries have done.

The greater it gets, the more likely will be a rise of right wing politics accompanied by a surge of nationalism and propaganda. To serve the elite, certain of the people are kept down: people of color, women, dissidents, gays, and the poor. Strong policing can assist in this effort. Prison labor or wage slavery can keep the population down. Those seeking to improve workers conditions are suppressed, often by violence, and not just within national boundariess. Labor unions disappear.

Religious institutions take the place of weakening social supports, but not very well. A bake sale does not help much in the face of heavy health care expenses. Women are made second class citizens, their reproductive rights canceled. There is no concern for population policy or environmental destruction.

Note: some of the following paraphrased from Stieg Larsson's "The Expo Files";

All extreme right groups preach that immigration is a threat to culture. What is meant by 'culture' is never defined, but there is an underlying presumption that our culture is better than their culture. They also claim that immigration costs the country fantastic amounts. There is great reluctance to pay for any social programs, instead resources are designated for the military.

They engage in hate speech to stir up racist attitudes that already exist. Right Wing Hate Speech

The Tea Party was well funded by oligarchs.

There's nothing new about the Tea Party, it stands in the tradition of other right-wing movements like the John Birch Society, the KKK, the Goldwater movement, or the McCarthy scare. All are white-supremicist, religious fundamentalist, paranoid, 'conservatives' who are unable to tolerate any change or differences from their own ideology. It is part of the Republican party.

They want borders that are impenetrable along with military that can punish any violators.

They claim to be exceptional. (No one is exceptional.) Therefor, they wnat to impose their culture everywhere. They will do it by force and that requires that the military expand. The U.S. has the world's largest military and it is expanding. So is the empire.

Corporate concentration is one of the forces that contributes to a political takeover. Government by corporations is defined as Fascism.

Income inequality is at the root of the problem.

It appears with the election of Trump that Fascism is coming home to the U.S. All the elements are in place. In history, every empire is destroyed. This time with a huge nuclear arsenal, it will occur much faster than ever before and the devastation will be far worse.

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